2004 - 2005   The Suspekt Years, Part I: In the Beginning ...


White Flags Burning met on the 30th April of 2005 for the very first time under the name "Suspekt" after drummer Tobi worked on this vision since the end of 2004.

Caused by a complete lack of interest to cultivate the abilities on their instruments but rather to gain high profit the band recorded the first demo only three weeks later: Eistee.

A punk rock disaster without any talent consisting of 7 stolen songs.

The habit to use megaphones at live gigs was also hearable on those recordings.

In October 2005 Hannet took over the bass guitar and the second demo was released by the end of the year:

Face Your Enemy.

This CD contained the first three own songs.



2006 - 2007   The Suspekt Years, Part II: As Punky As You Are


While working on the first album Peacey added her voice in April 2006.

As Punky As You Are was released after huge delays in the summer of 2007. While the band waited for this release this time brought a lot of live experience and a mixture of respect and artistic incomprehension by the audience.



2008   White Flags Burning


With the addition of Hannes (second guitar) a change of name took place and with a new sound and a lot of relentless aggression a new era was started: White Flags Burning.

At the same time a selftitled EP was released and the song "Freiheit" was featured in Germany's "Taugenix" punk magazine.

Under huge pressure two punk classics were written and recorded in June 2008 and "Ja & Amen" was chosen to be on the ninth issue of Germany's famous "Schlachtrufe BRD" punk compilation.

The other track "Hast Du Jetzt Genug ?" is only available with the limited edition of "State Of Injustice".



2009   State Of Injustice


For a very long time the work on the second longplayer was kept as a secret. It even took 6 months more than the expected release date but now it lives: State Of Injustice.