We are happy about every new face on our myspace and would like to add you to our friends list, too !

You can also send all your questions and requests via e-mail:


Please send your questions, orders, infos to: band [at] whiteflagsburning.com




We are also happy about every booking request regardless if they are coming from near or far.

We survived trips even beyond the borders of Germany and we don't hesitate to carry the burdens of long traveling by car, train or plain.

We have no problem to play only for food and gas allowance if the organizer is not able to pay extra money. To be in a band means also to have some costs so we are always glad about some extra bucks.

But mostly we leave that to the honest organizer and are aware of the problem of the high costs of most (especially small) concerts !


Please send your booking requests to: band [at] whiteflagsburning.com